Insecticide Treatment Services

Crystal Clean Colchester can treat your home with an insecticide to remove problems with crawling and flying insects such as flees, carpet beetles, bed bugs, lice and cockroaches, most types of beetles, flies, moths, ants and mosquitoes.

Insecticides are a sub-category of pesticides, which are used for killing insects. Insecticides are widely used within agriculture, medicine, industry and within the home.

The need to control certain insects is vitally important. For example, cockroaches are known to spread disease and can lead to closures of establishments, and bedbugs are becoming one of Britain's most prolific pests, amounting to hundreds of pounds being spent on their removal.

Every day we encounter nuisance insects and more serious ones which can cause some of the most serious human diseases.

Please call us with any insect problems you wish to discuss.

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