Pre Sale House Cleaning Services

Would you sell your vehicle without giving it a good clean?

The answer is no as you know it increases the value of the vehicle!

 Crystal Clean Colchester believes this is even more important with a property as the value is often hundreds of times the value of a car.

We offer a full pre-sale house cleaning service which will help you achieve the asking price or even have potential buyers increasing the offers above the asking price.

Why is this? We believe that people who want to purchase a property look at the condition of everything and if they believe the property is well looked after and suits their needs they put in a higher offer as they don’t want to loose it, we have been offering this service with a couple of local estate agents for a couple of years now and are assured it works.

We have also had customers using this service when they have inherited property after a bereavement, we can also arrange one of our partner companies to clear the property, tidy up gardens and clean driveways enabling us to clean the property and you to increase the sale price.

Please give us a call if you would like talk to someone about this service.


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